Meet The Band



The name Waymark comes from Jeremiah 31:21. A Waymark is a sign or a guide post that was referred to by Jeremiah in getting Israel to turn again unto God.  What greater cause do we as Christian brothers and sisters have, than to point someone to Jesus.  To us it’s not just the name of our band, it’s our purpose to be, and create “Waymarks”.

The band consists of four members, Erik Gurney (lead vocals), Matt Kennard (lead guitarist), Tom Shaarda (bassist & vocals) and Mike Billman (drums).

Erik was raised in the small town of Shiloh where he met Matt at an early age, the two grew up and attended school together becoming very close friends and remaining so.  Tom Shaarda attended the same childhood church as Erik but the two never really met until quite some time later.  Fast forward about 26 years and you will find yourself in Willard Ohio where Erik, Matt and Tom all attend the same church. Matt playing lead guitar for the church worship team and Tom expressing his love for Christ and music on the bass. About four years ago Erik decided to take a “leap” of faith and pursue what he believes God has called him to do.

Developing a recent bond with Tom and stirring up a longtime friendship with Matt, the three decided it would be best to come together and use the talents God had given them to reach farther beyond the walls of the church. Having a strong desire to see people led unto the kingdom of God Waymark was born.

In a search for someone to hold it all together they placed an ad in the paper for a drummer who enjoyed good Christian music and loved Jesus even more.  Enter Mike Billman, an exceptional drummer who fit perfectly with the style of music that Waymark was playing.

Music is an expression and an art. When people come together with a desire to create good music with meaningful lyrics and a heart to please God, it becomes an expression of a calling to do something greater than oneself. Music touches the soul, it moves hearts, and it brings people together. That is exactly what Waymark is about.

We desire reality in our music; a reality that witnesses to and touches others. If we cannot feel it then we do not want it, and we want others to feel it as well. We want God to be glorified and people encouraged. We know that God desires to touch his people and he uses people to encourage each other. We are all a part of one body in Christ. Waymarks desire is to do their part and build up the body.